Front Projected Dome Displays

TREALITY® Simulation Visual Systems Front Projected Dome Displays offer flexible configurations to support a wide variety of immersive training applications. Our standardized SEER (Small Environment Enhanced Reality) family of domes offers a range of displays to balance training objectives, desired fields of view, and visual performance. Our larger custom domes are purpose-built for users with unique requirements. With over 120+ direct projection domes deployed worldwide, both fixed and on motion platforms, we can address a wide range of aircraft and training requirements.

Developed for fast deployment with an absolute minimum of adjustment and to fit and operate in a standard ISO container, this Transportable Dome (TD) brings realistic flight, ground, vehicle or mining simulation as close as possible to the actual operations or mission center.

TREALITY® Small Environment Enhanced Reality (SEER) systems consist of a spherical screen with a small footprint and, depending on the specifications, from four to nine projectors. These multi-channel display systems for flight simulation provide constant eye relief and offer networking possibilities for group training and distributed mission operations.

For extremely wide viewing areas for tandem and side-by-side seated cockpits, TREALITY® Simulation Visual Systems offers the Large Training and Simulation Dome (LTSD). Consisting of 10 or more projectors, the LTSD creates one complete ultra-high performing image.

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