Collimated Displays

TREALITY® Simulation Visual Systems cross-cockpit collimated display systems are fully integrated, optimized simulation visual displays for accurate side-by-side cockpit training for fixed wing and rotary aircraft. The CD-series combines our expertise in projection, mechanical structures, screens and display alignment to form one comprehensive solution from the same manufacturer. This means you only need one company to turn to for design, installation and service. With an extensive experience of over 30 years in the training and simulation market as the key independent visualization provider, TREALITY has the right know-how in the design, manufacturing and installation of complex display systems.

TREALITY® Simulation Visual Systems CD-2245 10-foot radius system offers large unobstructed horizontal and vertical fields of view, giving pilots the closest experience to real flying. Our mirrors have the best optical performance in the industry and are the heart of the displays. We have delivered film mirror CD systems for fixed and motion based simulators.

The CD-2260 and CD-2460 offer a choice of either high quality glass or polyester film mirrors delivering the best optical performance in the industry. Our 11-foot radius collimated display systems employ a refined closed-loop design process around our TREALITY® SimCAD software. This allows us to fine-tune the overall system design and accurately predict visual performance resulting in unmatched visual acuity and a wider range of pilot eye point separations.

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