Display Management Tools

TREALITY® Simulation Visual Systems offers a complete portfolio of innovative display management tools designed for turnkey TREALITY visual systems. These products make it easy for you to control a multi-projector display system efficiently and from one central point. The ability to save projector parameters allow you to simplify the maintenance or get back-up projectors running in no time.

Display Management Primary

The software application integrates dedicated simulation projectors to allow simple and efficient control of a multi-projector display from one central point. With different user modes to help with the alignment, operation, monitoring and diagnose the application guarantees maximum uptime of your visual system.

TREALITY® AutoAlign product suite is a powerful tool to automatically re-align all TREALITY’s visual display specifications.

Unique color calibration, brightness equalization, geometry correction and automatic generation of perfect blends for seamless overlaps. A tool that guarantees the highest performance over time. Making maintenance tasks user-friendly with consistent and perfect display quality.

Blending perfectly maintains the contrast or the resolution of the projector channel. The TREALITY® NOCTIS true grey-scale technology directly printed on glass allows the best of both worlds for optimal night and NVG images without impacting the brightness of day scenes.

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