TREALITY’s RP-X redefines full mission simulator visuals for fast jet training

TREALITY’s RP-X redefines high-performance full mission simulator (FMS) visuals for fast jet training with two new awards for international programs!

TREALITY’s latest RP-X dome is a low channel count, compact footprint rear projection dome designed to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs while delivering the optimized visual performance fast jet training customers demand. Building on the success of our RP-360 dome, first fielded eight years ago, the RP-X is an important evolutionary step forward achieving an optimal balance between price, quality and performance.

The patented TREALITY RP-X dome is a contiguous monolithic dome providing consistent eye-relief and excellent visual ergonomics, unlike truncated, faceted or partitioned displays. TREALITY SVS is the only provider of both spherical and aspherical rear projection domes that can satisfy a wider combination of budgetary, physical footprint and visual requirements.

Future pilots training on RP-X domes as part of these new international programs will soon experience what many current F-15, F-16, M-346, Eurofighter, T-50 and other fast jet pilots already know: TREALITY delivers unmatched visual solutions!

RP-X LM rendering

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